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Fanfiction: Lost (Chapter 18)

Title: Lost (Chapter 18)
Pairing: Jared/Colin overall, Ewan/Jonathan
Cast: Jared Leto, Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
Rating: PG
Summary: Say goodbye to Mr. McGregor.
Warnings: slight slash, sad, in this part Ewan and Jonny kinda take over, but I thought this was ok, since it'll be Ewan's last chapter. No Colin in this chapter,
Beta: </a></b></a>lady_erzulie
Disclaimer: Not true.
Feedback: Please.
A/N: Part in italics is stolen from Placebo's Drag (I know, I'm becoming obsessed, but I thought it would be a nice idea to let Ewan quote Brian Molko to Jonny since all 3 of them were in a film together.) I consider this chapter better than the last one - hope you do so as well.

The colour of his eyes was indefinable.
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