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My candidate: Lee Williams

If you wanna see scrawny boys dancing cutely, check out (at YouTube) "Wolves of Krommer" ending or credit dance. He's the one with longish hair and white top. This might work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zCfN8knlvo&feature=related

Plus, for some movie clips: Oddly enough, most of these movies depict him on a gay role (probably my fangirl leaning to those options), though he's done others obviously. Plus, during his -very brief- appearance on Teachers, he had a beard which made him a little more masculine (if pretty boys isn't your ship, especially pairing them up between each other)

AN: As you can see, I like the guy A LOT

I'm not all that sure that he belongs with JRM, but I'd definitely hook him up with some other guy like them.
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