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Jonny's Boy

Because those lips were built for boy kisses!

Jonny Rhys Meyers Needs a Boyfriend!
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Our Jonny needs a boyfriend.

We're here to pick out the perfect boy just for him!

+ Post pictures of boys who make the grade
+ JRM slash and fan fiction - post yours or links to others
+ Pics of Jonny kissing/touching/hugging boys

(Seriously, do I think this community sounds like fun? Yes. Do I really think anyone else will find it nifty? Not really. Do I secretly wish for it to work? Oh yeah.)

Ok. Some Guidelines:

01: Play nice. No flaming. If you cause any problems you will be banned.
02: Remember that the LJ Cut is our friend.
03: Credit the pictures you post when possible, but it's not mandatory...yet.
04: No Hotlinking!! Upload pictures to your own server. There are plenty of free image hosting sites available.
05: No community promos kids. But affiliates are always welcome!
06: We love Jonny's girlfriends. But girl/Jonny pics really don't fit the community. So please keep this community boy/boy.
07: ...and no animals. That should go without saying, but... ::shudders::
08: Have lots of fun!!

Fanfic Intro:
(When posting fanfiction, please copy/paste/fill out this form into your entry and place the story behind an LJ Cut below it. Click here to view a detailed description of how to use this form.)

Word/Page Count:

Ok, seriously. We weren't even open a full 24 hours before we started receiving hate e-mails and anonymous flaming...so it seems a Disclaimer is in order:

We (the members and maintainers of jonnys_boy) are in no way, shape, or form affiliated with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. We make no claims to know him or anything about his personal life. We are not on a mission to convince you (the reader) that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is gay/bisexual. We are all Jonathan Rhys Meyers fans. We like Jonny. We like Jonny's girlfriends. All things Jonny are good.

This community was created as a joke stemming from a rather hysterical conversation between the maintainers. This community exists solely to:
a) share pictures of male models/musicians/actors we think would make a nice pair with JRM if he were gay/bisexual, and
b) share pictures of JRM kissing/hugging/touching other men (because he often does and we like those pictures.)
c) share JRM slash/fan fic.

I think that about says it. This community will most likely only appeal to a small group of people. If it does not appeal to you, I would like to direct your attention to your Internet browser's toolbar. There you will find several options that will lead you to another Community, LJ User, or completely different website if you so choose.

Affiliates & Links
Awww...we have none! *weeps*

This community is managed by

isildae ophelias_lament starspecting

Please don't hesitate to email ophelias_lament if you're getting flamed or encounter any problems within this community.